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  • Kidney Failure Symptoms

    Kidney Failure Symptoms Chronic kidney disease (CKD) or kidney failure occurs when the kidneys lose the ability to excrete blood and toxins from the body. When the kidneys stop working, waste products and fluids accumulate in the body that causes swelling, shortness of breath, fatigue, and nausea in the legs, ankles, or feet. In SaiRead more
  • Lupus nephritis

    Lupus nephritis

    Lupus nephritis is inflammation of the kidney caused by systemic lupus erythematous (SLE). Also called lupus, SLE is an autoimmune disease. Lupus nephritis happens when lupus involves the kidneys. Up to 60% of lupus patients are likely to develop lupus nephritis. When the kidneys get inflamed, they can't function normally and can leak protein. IfRead more
  • 7 Foods to Avoid in Kidney Failure

    7 Foods to Avoid in Kidney Failure

    Kidney failure is a condition in which kidneys lose their function. due to the low functioning of the kidney, waste material like creatinine, #urea, sodium, and potassium accumulates in the body and causes several symptoms. Kidney failure patients are advised to avoid foods that result in the accumulation of waste material. 1. Juices A patient must avoid fruitRead more
  • Kidney Failure Diet

    Kidney Failure Diet

    Dr. Puru Dhawan, kidney expert and founder of Sai Sanjivani explains diet for kidney patients which will help to reduce creatinine, urea, and potassium levels. This kidney failure diet will not only help to control the formation of waste material in the blood but also helps to reduce the signs and symptoms of kidney failure.Read more
  • Kidney Failure Symptoms in Hindi

    Kidney Failure Symptoms in Hindi

    | क्रोनिक किडनी रोग के बारे में Chronic Kidney Disease क्रोनिक किडनी रोग (CKD) या गुर्दे की विफलता तब होती है जब गुर्दे शरीर से रक्त और विषाक्त पदार्थों को बाहर निकालने की क्षमता खो देते हैं। जब गुर्दे काम करना बंद कर देते हैं, तो अपशिष्ट उत्पाद और तरल पदार्थ शरीर में जमा होRead more
  • Salt for Kidney Patient

    Salt for Kidney Patient

    Sodium is the cause of the rise in blood pressure. Two situations arise- firstly, the rise in blood pressure is seen and secondly, an increase in the blood pressure will affect the kidneys. The presence of sodium leads to the accumulation of water due to which legs swell and therefore, limiting the amount of sodiumRead more
  • Best Kidney Treatment In Delhi

    Best Kidney Treatment In Delhi

    WHAT IS KIDNEY FAILURE? Kidneys are organs that are located in the upper abdominal area against the back muscles on both the left and right side of the body. The main purpose of the kidney is to remove excess fluid and waste products from the body. The kidney plays a vital role in our body.Read more