Nephrotic Syndrome | Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment in Delhi, India

Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment in Delhi, India.

Nephrotic Syndrome is a kidney disorder seen in children. In this disease, protein is lost in the form of urine, which causes a deficiency of protein in the body.
Symptoms of nephrotic syndrome are –
1. Protein loss
2. Inflammation- Due to deficiency of protein, the blood becomes thin due to which the fluid accumulates around the feet, eyes, and face. Water retention is seen in the body, which leads to weight gain
3. High cholesterol level – As the number of protein decreases, the amount of cholesterol in the body increases. This increase in cholesterol in the body is known as hyperlipidemia. In nephrotic syndrome, creatinine and urea levels remain normal. If at this stage, nephrotic syndrome is not treated properly, it can lead to kidney failure.
For such patients, at the time of renal biopsy, a condition called minimal change disease is seen. In minimal change disease, the body excretes large amounts of protein in the urine and the kidneys appear normal during the biopsy. The reason behind the injury of nephrotic syndrome or damage to the podocyte cells present in the kidney is due to which the protein in the body remains intact. Does not last. For such patients, an easily absorbed and easily digestible protein is required. Such protein is obtained from pulses and milk which increases the level of protein which leads to the lack of protein in the body. But the only diet will not work for the patient with nephrotic syndrome, there is also a need to control the damage to the kidneys. Treatment in nephrotic syndrome is anti-inflammatory.
So, steroids are given, but we cannot continue the steroid for a lifetime due to its side effects. We need something that works as a steroid but not a steroid.

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Nephrotic syndrome can be a steroid inhibitor. Protein deficiencies in the body lead to complications such as retraction and improper formation of hormones and amino acids. Therefore, retention of protein is important for a patient with nephrotic syndrome.

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