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High Creatinine Treatment

High creatinine in kidney disease is one of the common symptoms or a disorder that deteriorates renal functioning. A kidney is responsible for filtering out the waste, but inflamed glomeruli fail to do so, leading to the accumulation of creatinine & urea. The only way to overcome this is creatinine treatment in Ayurveda.

Creatinine is a type of chemical that is generated because of the metabolic activities of the body. It has levels that affect the kidney functioning process. Ayurveda helps to keep creatinine in balance.

Reduce Creatinine Levels

A high level of Creatinine leads to kidney disease and further kidney failure, managing creatinine level is important in kidney patients. Creatinine is a waste product that is produced in our muscles. collection of toxic materials like urea leads to rising in creatinine levels. And symptoms are nausea, vomiting, tiredness, weakness, less or no appetite, and changes in urination. It is recommended to control urea and creatinine levels.

Our treatment to reduce creatinine by Dr. Puru Dhawan successfully treated thousands of patients suffering from kidney problems.

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  • Help Decrease Creatinine Levels

    Creatinine is a natural waste product in the body that should have been removed from the body but due to kidney failure, it is not removed.

  • We Provide Diet Consultation

    The best way to control renal disease is by following a diet. We provide a proper diet plan according to the patient’s reports.

  • Help Increase GFR Levels

    GFR uses your creatinine to see how well your kidneys are working. GFR is a measurement of how much blood passes through your kidneys each minute.

Success Stories

Abhishek Kumar from Patna was suffering from IgA nephropathy and his creatinine levels reduced from 9 to 4.8 in just 15 days.

Kidney Patient Started Recovering within 15 days of treatment | Reduce Creatinine & GFR Levels | Stop Dialysis Now