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Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment

Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment in Ayurveda is a wholesome way to cure or reverse kidney. Although Ayurveda has enough potential to heal any chronic disease. Kidneys are the main organ that helps to keep pure blood in the body. Mostly in allopathic treatment, doctors suggest their patients for dialysis or transplant when it reaches the last stage, but it becomes impossible for every people to move for dialysis or transplant as a result they both are quite expensive and painful at the same time Ayurveda treatment helps to cure the disease from its root.

In the books of Ayurveda, it does not allow for cutting any organ. Yes, it takes time because Ayurveda works on the root cause of any disease. Ayurveda is an essential combination of herbal medicines and home remedies.

Chronic kidney disease is a severe disease. In this disease, the kidney can’t filter blood and stop removing waste material, toxins from the body. Kidney damage does not happen overnight.

In the case of Chronic Kidney Disease, It may take a year to declare that you are suffering from CKD, but it can become worse to provide Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment to a patient if delays. When Chronic Kidney Disease reaches a high-level stage, dangerous levels of fluid, electrolytes and wastes products can build up in the body and moreover causes many other health issues such as swelling in the body, fever, etc.

While, symptoms like (Fatigue, Loss of appetite, sleep problems, and weakness) are common to recognize.


Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment in Ayurveda

The purpose behind choosing Ayurveda treatment is to cure damaged kidneys from their roots, and there is just Ayurveda that has enough potential to cure kidneys from the roots. Ayurveda is the purest way to cure any disease because it does not affect any other organs. Though, it heals the related cause of disease.

So undoubtedly, Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment in Ayurveda is the only possible way to cure such disease.

We are more focused on treating the root cause of kidney disease.

Although, it is important to know the reasons behind your kidney failure. Every kidney patient should understand the causes that are damaging their kidney. Ayurveda treatment works on the causes as well so that kidneys can be cured from the roots.


1 Control high blood pressure

  • Firstly, people take regular medicines to control their high blood pressure, then too much intake of medicine affects kidney functioning and other organs.
  • Patients can do daily healthy activities to keep their bodies active as high blood pressure increases stress, so patients can perform yoga to keep themselves calm and stress-free.
  • If Any patients with CKD have a habit of smoking, then they need to quit it right now.
  • Patients are advised to take a low sodium diet as it increases the level of blood pressure.

2. Control cholesterol levels.

  • When the kidney gets damaged, it causes inflammation in the arteries. This inflammation can produce harmful cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Patients are advised to take a fat-free diet instead of whole-milk products.
  • The Diet of kidney patients should be according to their stages and conditions.

3 Prevent Anemia.

Sometimes insufficiency of blood may appear in patients with CKD that’s also known as Anemia. A diet totally depends on the condition of the patients. Only a doctor can tell you the sources and limits of minerals, vitamins to take in CKD, or any disease.  Read more to prevent Anemia in CKD.  

4 Reduce swelling in the body

A damaged kidney can’t remove excess fluid from the body, and waste fluid starts accumulating in the body that causes swelling in the body.

In this case, patients are advised to take a pinch of Sendha Namak (Rock Salt) in every meal.

5 Healthy diet 

A healthy diet plays a vital role in every treatment. Especially, a healthy diet provides natural, nutritious, and minerals to our body. In addition, a low protein diet is necessary to reduce waste products in your blood.

In Ayurveda treatment, we provide personalized diet charts to our patients. It is essential to know what we should avoid and what we should take in our diet.

Avoid Eating:-
  • High potassium fruits and vegetables
  • Fruit juices
  • Sea salt
  • Caffeine
  • Acidic fruits
  • Dried fruit
Can eat:-       
  • Eat whole fruit
  • Protein free diet
  • Herbal tea, green tea
  • Digestible, low protein
  • Rock Salt

6 Regular yoga  

Patients with CKD need to perform yoga and breathing exercises instead of muscular or Vigorous activities. It helps to control high blood pressure and keep your body active and calm.

Yoga is known as an excellent physical therapy for patients with kidney disease. Yoga improves the function of the kidney and improves the quality of life. In addition, yoga is very effective in keeping the kidney and liver healthy.

On the whole, here are the three Physical Activities that a kidney patient can perform.

1) Yoga asana

2) Breathing exercises (Anulom, Vilom)

3) Meditation (Breathwork – breathe in- breathe out)

7 Herbal medications    

Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment in Ayurveda includes herbal medicines that are made from minerals, metal substances, and herbal compounds. Ayurveda treatment helps to keep the entire body healthy; it doesn’t affect any other organ. Hence, there are no chemical products included in the treatment.

Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease

Surely, you can cure your damaged kidney by working on causes because if these small reasons can spoil your kidneys, you can also fix your kidneys by improving these causes.

1. High Blood Pressure 

Having High Blood Pressure is considered the most common cause of kidney disease. Because high blood pressure damages the blood vessel of the kidney, this is the reason the kidney can’t filter the blood properly. Therefore, normal blood pressure should be between 120/80mm Hg.


Diabetes is the second major cause of kidney disease. High sugar levels in a person’s body damage the tiny filtering membranes of the kidneys. Although, a blood sugar level of 200mg/dl or above indicates that you have diabetes.

3. Excess of allopathic medicines

In this case, multiple allopathic medicines affect the kidney most because these are a combination of many chemicals. In addition, a regular dose of medicines can destroy healthy cells. Healthy and strong cells help to protect the surface of organs and the body from damage.

4. Blood vessel disease   

High blood pressure and diabetes damage the tiny tissue and cells of the kidneys that cause impairment in kidney function.

5. Smoking and alcohol  

Undoubtedly, alcohol also affects your blood pressure. In addition, regular heavy drinking has been found to double the risk of chronic kidney disease. As a result, it does not cure over time.

6. Obesity 

In the case of obesity, it directly affects your kidneys because extra weight pressurizes the kidneys to work harder and filter wastes above the average level. Over time, this load leads to the risk for kidney disease.

Complications of Chronic Kidney Disease


1 High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the severe complications of CKD. Every kidney patient is suffering from high blood pressure or can say any person with high blood pressure has equal chances of getting kidney disease. However, Lifestyle modification that includes weight loss, yoga (Anulom Vilom, Breathwork), and a low sodium diet surely helps to control blood pressure.

2 Bone disease

Healthy kidneys help to produce vitamin D, and it comes from the food we eat. In the results kidney turning it into calcitriol, a powerful form of vitamin. Calcitriol helps the kidneys to maintain blood calcium levels as they get damaged. It stops activating calcitriol and creates an imbalance of calcium in the bones. This is how a damaged kidney causes bone disease.

3 Phosphorus

Healthy kidneys help to remove extra phosphorus, helping balance phosphorus levels in the blood. Maintaining a good level of phosphorus in the blood helps to keep bones strong.

4 Heart disease

High blood pressure is the main cause of heart and kidney disease. Both are equally connected with each other because the heart helps to circulate blood in the entire body as well as kidney helps to filter the blood in the body.

5 Potassium (hyperkalemia)

Healthy kidneys help to remove extra waste from the body, but as they get damaged, they stop removing that waste from the body. High Potassium is one of them. However, it commonly occurs in patients with the last stage.

6 Fluid build-up

It is a severe complication of CKD. As we know, damaged kidneys can’t filter waste products and extra fluid from the body. So then, extra fluid starts accumulating in the body that causes many health issues such as swelling in the eyes, feet, and ankle.


Hints of Chronic Kidney Disease 

1. Nausea   

Due to protein loss, symptoms such as nausea may appear in Chronic Kidney Disease. Therefore, every person should do regular check-ups to know their body.

2. Loss of appetite

A healthy kidney removes the excess waste and fluid from the body, but the damaged kidneys cannot get out of the waste that keeps accumulating inside, due to which the kidney patient does not feel hungry.

3. Fatigue and weakness    

Damage kidneys accumulate toxins and impurities in the blood. That can cause people to feel weak, tired and can make it hard to concentrate.

4. Sleep problems 

Symptoms like sleeping problems are seen in kidney patients.

5. Chest pain  

Kidney patients may also confront chest pain if fluid builds up around the lining of the heart.

6 Shortness of breath  

Patients with kidney failure may face shortness of breath if fluid builds up in the lungs.

Chronic Kidney Disease Stages 

Do you know? Chronic kidney disease also has its stages. So now you can assume how severe it can be if someone is suffering from CKD. Chronic kidney disease has its 5 stages.

Stage 1 can occur with normal or high GFR (GFR > 90 mL/min) 

In the first place, we can see kidneys with normal function, and the GFR is 90, or greater which means the kidneys are working properly without disturbing their functions and healthy.

Stage 2 is considered as Mild CKD (GFR = 60-89 mL/min)

In stage 2, A bit of disturbance may notice in the kidneys, and similarly symptoms of kidney disease may begin to appear in the body of patients.

Stage 3A Moderate CKD (GFR = 45-59 mL/min)

In this stage, proper signs and symptoms of kidney disease may start appearing in the body of patients with CKD.

Stage 3B Moderate CKD (GFR = 30-44 mL/min)

In this stage, the loss of kidney functioning may start showing that now kidneys are not able to work anymore.

Stage 4 Severe CKD (GFR = 15-29 mL/min)

In this case, patients should meet the Doctor for the Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment of the kidney because kidneys stop responding the way they should before.

Stage 5 End Stage CKD (GFR <15 mL/min)

Lastly Stage 5,  in this stage the kidney stops functioning properly, which means it stops removing waste and extra fluid from the body. This is a stage when the recovery of the kidneys becomes impossible.


Tests Under Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment 

1 Urine tests

Protein loss is the first sign of a damaged kidney. Therefore, this is the reason doctors first test urine to know the condition of the kidneys.


2 KFT Test 

A kidney function test is to check the level of waste products, such as Creatinine and urea, in your blood.


3 Imaging tests

This is an ultrasound test which doctors especially do to know the size and structure of the kidney.


4 Kidney Biopsy

In many cases, doctors use this method. In this method, they cut the tissue of the kidney with the help of a thin needle that’s inserted into the kidney. Lastly, it is sent to the lab for testing to know the causes of the kidney disease.


5 GFR test

GFR test helps doctors to measure that how properly your kidney is working. Although, in this test, a simple blood test will be taken from your arm. Thus, the GFR test doesn’t require any preparation.



Hence, we are providing Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment in Ayurveda. In conclusion, Treatment includes herbal medicines, a personalized diet chart, and yoga. Still, if you Have any queries to know more about Chronic Kidney Disease, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be blessed to save one more kidney.

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