Kidney Shrinkage Treatment


Kidney Shrinkage is a condition when kidneys shrunk in smaller size than its normal size. Damaged kidneys are not able to filter out waste material and fluid from the body. Major causes of Kidney Failure – High blood pressure. Constant collision of blood pressure makes the arteries hard and shrikes in size. Management of blood pressure is crucial to prevent kidney failure. At Sai Sanjivani, we provide ayurvedic medicines to stop kidney shrinkage naturally and diet plan to restore kidney function. Results are seen as decreased levels of creatinine, urea levels and improved kidney function.

The amount of salt you consume has direct impact on your blood pressure. So, kidney patients need to be very careful while taking salt in their diet. If a kidney patient whose blood pressure is high, needs to lower down blood pressure. Limiting salt intake in diet helps in kidney disease. Just a pinch of sendha namak/ Himalayan Salt/ Rock Salt is allowed to kidney patient in every meal.

Creatinine is a waste product produced from the breakdown of muscle metabolism. To control high creatinine levels, restricting or reducing protein intake helps to lower creatinine levels. Damaged kidney are unable to filter out waste material and it starts accumulating in the body. Avoid milk, pulses and other non-veg items. Reducing protein intake prevents from weight loss, weakness and accumulation of water.

Vigorous exercises also increases creatinine levels. Practice yoga and breathing exercises such as Kapalbhati, Pranayam and Anulom vilom. Avoid external factors like cold intolerance and fever. High levels of creatinine and urea indicates severe decrease in kidney function. When kidneys are damaged, kidneys are unable to flush out potassium from the body, it starts accumulating in the body. High potassium levels symptoms: nausea, weakness, numbness.

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