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Dr. Puru Dhawan

Dr. Puru Dhawan

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What is Kidney Failure?

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Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) or renal disease is a widespread disease in which the kidney loses its function over some time and eventually results in kidney failure. The complications of high blood pressure, anemia, and weak bones are seen in a patient of kidney disease. The kidney also increases risk of heart and blood vessel diseases. CKD occurs due to high blood pressure, diabetes and other disorders. The earlier symptoms or signs of kidney disease are undiagnosed and undetected. It is hard for people to realize until the function of the kidney is 25% down.

Further damage to kidney results in dialysis or kidney transplant. With advanced kidney failure, the levels of waste and fluid rapidly increase in the body. Hence, the treatment is needed to stop or slow down the progression of the disease.


How Our Medicines Works?

Our medicines work on the root cause of Kidney failure, it works directly on Nephrons, which works as filters in the kidney to help them regenerate and start filtering again, results of which is seen as increased urine output means improved GFR, decreased levels of creatinine and urea, improved levels of Potassium in your KFT reports.

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Kidney failure is a major health concern. Once the patient is diagnosed, many of them lose hope and fear of dying. This is what Dr. Puru Dhawan, a kidney expert wanted to change through this documentary that breaks the myths of kidney failure and brings a ray of hope for kidney patients.


How much time does medicines take to show results?

Most of the patients show sign of improvement within the first week of treatment, patients have reported improved urine output, decreased symptoms of kidney failure like loss of appetite, itching, vomiting, etc, and improved levels of creatinine and urea in monthly reports.


Do you have to stop allopathic medicines for our ayurvedic treatment?

No, Sai Sanjivani never suggest patients to stop allopathic treatment for High blood pressure, Sugar,Cholestrol or any other ailment. Our treatment works only on your nephrons, it helps kidney to improvise its function of filtering waste from blood.


Results of Kidney Failure Patients

More than 70% of patients show improvement within the first month of treatment as improved levels of creatinine, urea and potassium and increased GFR ( Glomerular Filtration Rate)

Sai Kidney Care
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